aLwaYs LoVe You

Many things can be said of the differences between you and the sun, but there are many things you share. Both beauties are amazing when they rise, both shine bright in their positions, and both cause agony to those they leave behind till the next day. -Wally Ali

This poem made by my friend, Wally.

This poem always makes me remember with my entire friends that have filled my day with many happiness, moment, and stories.

From my School, college and net friend, especially multiply friend that makes my day looks different.

Thanks my friend with all the time, we have spend together

And makes me be the part of your life

aLwaYs LoVe You My FrieNDs!!!


12 thoughts on “aLwaYs LoVe You

  1. onlyburheart said: ~ alahai.. sooo touchig. thanx fer sharing sweetie 🙂 ~

    Glad u love it ;)yes he always makes poem really touching and spontanious ;)this poem really touching and i cant keep it for my selfi have to sharing it with other person 😉

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