Poem for you, “Rafah victim”

Little One
As I look upon you child, with that face once full of life,
I can only imagine the joy you brought
To both your mother and father's heart.
I wish I could have seen that smile, or youthful vigor, in those eyes.
But such things I’ll never see...of such a lovely, little, child.
I wonder how you'd have changed and grown,
The person you would have become,
The sorrows you would have undoubtedly faced,
With the simple joys of life.
But this too, I’ll never know.
Your little face I shan't forget, forever on my mind,
Because you’re lying, dead and gone, pathetically on the ground.
What could such a little soul, a darling such as this,
Do to deserve this awful wrath, on that fateful day?
How I wish this was the last, but there’s always more!
How many children have to die,
Proclaimers of democracy,
Before you bastards slither home?!
I hope dear child you're happy now
In the arms of your loving lord.
Rest in peace little one.
by : Walter Radomski (one of my friend)
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