“Help Me Understand” related to “Rafah” stories

"Help Me Understand"
I understand the ostrich, the threat it had posed,
It could have ran past a checkpoint to blow up an Israeli’s home.
I understand the Tortoise, and why you ran it over with your tank,
That bastard was probably making bombs on its scheming little back.
I even understand why you attacked that Rafah Zoo,
Heaven only knows what those creatures were going to do!
Had it stayed around, they would have killed too many Zionist fools!
But now you’re all safe, you destroyed that rotten zoo.
What I fail to grasp, and unfortunately cannot see,
Is why you sniped a girl on her way to buy some sweets.
Three and a half years old, shot in the face and throat,
Crying for her mummy as she died out on the road.
I may not be as bright as you Israeli fellows,
But I doubt such a child would have caused you much trouble.
Then again, what do I know, you’re the experts after all!
So go back to your killing, ‘brave’ IDF soldiers.
by : Walter Radomski (one of my friend)
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